The GrayBella Bridge

GrayBella Bridge is a professional consultancy service supported by the Partners, Advisors and other members of the GrayBella Capital family. This combined team of industry experts, entrepreneurs, technologists and scientists, provides companies with global ambition, critical levels of support support in areas such as business development, financial strategy, Board of Directors development, acquisitions and global expansion.

The GrayBella Bridge is a proven methodology that allows early / mid stage companies to enter new markets such as the US & Asia, with the strategy, funding & talent only found in larger organizations. Our goal is to drive value & ensure a soft-landing in the US, Europe or Asia for future funding, partnerships, commercial growth & potential acquisition or public offering. We are happy to support companies who would like to leverage our expertise.

Our Support

Development of investment strategy for US & non-US fundraising

Identification of US and non-US investors

Represent companies at global investor or other related conferences

Identification of key Partners, Board members, Advisors or Leadership


Manage relationships with investors, analyst & directors

Conduct research/due diligence about investment, partnership & acquisition prospects

Manage relationships with financial & legal providers