Is there a need?

Have the market segments been identified and are they understood?

Is the market large and will it grow rapidly?

Can the company establish a defensible market position?

Is there or will there be formidable competition?

Does the sales cycle have a serious hurdle?



Does the CEO have a successful track record?

If necessary, can we attract a new CEO?

Are the founders experienced and respected in their industries?

Is the team innovative, experienced and success-oriented?

What are the founder's strengths and weaknesses?

Is the team capable of building a large company?

Does the team have an in-depth knowledge of the market?

What are the major risks?



Is the concept unique?

Are the products differentiated?

How does the technology address a market need?

Does the company have patents or other proprietary position?

Is the engineering plan explicit and can the engineering team execute?

Is the technology realistic and feasible?

Has the team spoken to potential customers or partners?

Financing Arrangements

What is the capital structure?

What is the current burn-rate and cash position?

Will revenue offset the burn pre-or-post funding?

What are the company's capital needs?

What will the new capital raised be used for? (use-of-funds)

What are comparable market caps for companies of this nature?

What are the paths to liquidity and what is the timing?

Preparation for a Venture Capital presentation and meeting
Most Common Investor question